RajaWholsale mingles B2B & B2C Business modes most seamlessly

Rajawholesaleco.com started off with a dream of empowering millions of small and medium retailers who are struggling with sourcing, procurement issues and are unable to find themselves a platform which offers decent exposure and a chance to buy wholesale online at best prices in Italy. Rajawholesaleco.com has literally opened up the world for them by making global sourcing (even in micro amounts) a distinct reality.
In this short span of time retailers and customers, encouraged by the convenience, customer centricity and transparent business protocol of Rajawholesaleco.com have actively managed to expand their business. For businesses, it is now easy to reach out to buyers across Italy and Europe through existing marketplaces and sell.
For customers it is easy to access international quality products at fair prices since there is now an equitable B2B Online marketplace. Small time retailers get good quality products in bulk at wholesale prices from Rajawholesale as they now have easy access to global suppliers.
Take advantage of our experience in the food industry and our expertise in multi-channel marketing to reach across Europe.
If you are interested in our collaboration and marketing opportunities, send an email to info@rajawholesaleco.com.